CRUISER Series:-Xma VMC-855/855A FEATURES of the Model:-
Box ways are hardened,ground and utilize non-metalic liners that are virtually frication-free on all ways and gib surfaces for consistently closer tolerances. All guideway mating surfaces are precision scraped and coated with turcite B as well as anti-frication linling material. This series features innovative design conepts at very competitive prices. VCM-1270/1470 is constructed of a vast machine bed with four box ways providing everlasting cutting performance reliability.
Machine Specifications: Model:-VMC-855/855A

TRAVEL: X x Y x Z axis: 800 x 500 x 520mm
spindle nose to table: < 100~620mm >
spindle center to solid column surface: 550mm

TABLE: Working area: 950 x 460 mm
max.loading: 500kg
T-Slots (No. x Width x Pitch): 2 x 18mm x 100mm

Tool shank (optional): BT-40

SPEED: 8,000 rpm
Transmission: Direct-Speed Belt Drive

Bearing lubrication:
Cooling: oil cooled
Spindle motor max. rating: 7.5kw(10HP)
Axis motor max. rating: 1.5kw(2HP)

Rapids on X & Y & Z axes: 16/16/12 m/min
Max. cutting federate:10 m/min

Tool storage capacity: 16 armless/24 arm
Type of tool(optional): BT-40(CAT-40)
Max. tool diameter: 100 mm/80 mm)
Max. tool weight: 7kg
Max. tool length: 300 mm/250 mm

Tool to tool: 7 sec./3 sec.
Chip to chip (50% Z axis): 11 sec./7 sec.
Air source required: 6kg/cm² up

Positioning: ±0.0005 mm/ 300 mm
Repeatability: ±0.003 mm

Machine weight (net/gross): 4,800 kg(5,000 kg) 5,150 kg(5,350 kg)
Power source required(KVA.):12 KVA
Floor space(L x W x H): 2,270 x 2,465 x 2,600 mm
Shipment advice: 1 x 40’(4 sets)